3 Blogging Tips For Long Term Success

The blogging tips being dispensed here today are more about personal well being and skill enhancement than site management! As you no doubt have heard time and again developing a successful blog takes time and patience, but this can really raise your stress levels as well. The dangerous part is the tension buildup is very subtle and in most cases undetectable until it is too late! At this point what good is having a successful blog when you don’t have the good health to enjoy or maintain it? It is therefore important to learn how to manage the stress that can build up when you spend so much time sitting in front of your computer blogging!

In a nutshell here are 3 benefits you will enjoy by simply ‘disconnecting’ from your computer to lower the stress levels that build up when blogging!

Spike in Creativity

Pick up a pencil since you don’t need a keyboard to develop content. What’s more is that by removing yourself from the workplace you will likely be stimulated by the new environment. This stimulation typically leads to an increase in your creative thinking abilities. The reason for this is you are now ‘manufacturing thoughts’ and not busy trying to ‘process’ incoming information which is typical of the internet environment! Now you have succeeded in not only lowering your stress levels but also increasing the flow of new ideas coursing through your mind!

Simply Socialize

Social networks are all well and good however NOTHING beats socializing with the warm bodies of family and friends, sorry Twitter! These people know you and you them and this type of contact is soothing, insightful and stimulating! In addition these people are always a great source for new ideas. The topics or news that is of interest to them are also on the minds of others as well which makes for great core material you can further develop. Remember a successful blog usually reflects what’s popular or of interest to others and those in your social circles are normally a good measure of that! Pick their minds and use it for future updates!

Physical Benefits

Moving around and preferably getting some exercise is good for anybody. By ‘detaching’ yourself from the computer you are allowing the blood to better circulate which offers not only physical benefits but also helps you to think more clearly as well! Maintaining a constant stress levels in your body tend to make you more tired while physical activity does t

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